Mentaltraining & Business Coaching

Make an appointment now for your mental training or business coaching in Kiel. Whether you are looking for a  fulfilled job environment, struggling with private circumstances or the idea of self-employment - we offer customized training programs for individual life coaching and personal development such as business & career coaching.

Start your career as a life or career coach

At the Institute for Business Coaching & Mentaltraining you will receive certified coaching courses to become a systemic Professional Coach or NLP Coach. We offer coaching courses for beginners and advanced students. Find the coaching course that best suits your needs.

Broaden your perspective by attending our Coaching Events & Workshop programs

We offer extensive seminars, advanced trainings and workshops, for private persons and public companies in the following areas: EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, prevention, transformation, such as coaching for start-ups, career and leadership development skills - Connect with people and get inspired on your own journey – secure a place for yourself now.

Become the best version of yourself by individual training
& personal development coaching

We customize our programs to help each person find its own voice on their journey and to become the best version of itself. Every single session will help you to expand your growth and development. Schedule a free call now, our experienced and compassionated experts support you to achieve your personal life goals.

Combine Business Coaching &
Mindfulness to run a successful business

Combine Business Coaching & Mindfulness to run a successfull business, develop management skills or find your next fulfilling job. Our Business Coaching training programs are customized for professionals who wish to broaden their perspective and deepen their skills. Our services give you the opportunity to choose between coaching for yourself, coaching for your team, or coaching for your company to create a more fulfilling business environment. We also support start-ups and entrepreneurs to achieve theis business goals with 1:1 session including, Marketing & Design Services.